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My Curry Recipe

Please note if this curry makes you very ill then its not my fault its just that you cant cook. Go get a take-away.

For those of you still here this curry is what I managed to come up with when trying to make a dish similar to Chicken Chaat. I find it quite nice and tangy and can be made without chilli so for those without a need for heat can enjoy it too. The quantities below can all be adjusted to taste but its designed with two people in mind.

Stuff You'll Need

Lobbing It Together

Some Adjustments (*)

Feel free to substitute the lemon juice with freshed squeezed lime juice. I find this can give just that little bit more 'bite'. Same goes for the onion, try a few shallots instead for extra sweetness.

In fact the Greek yoghurt too, you can go for creme fraiche instead, half fat works well.

These days I also replace the Balti mix with my own blend of cumin, turmeric, aesofida, garlic etc.

Also if you want a really deep taste about two thirds of a small tin of tomatoe puree can work if you leave out the chopped tomatoes.

Curry Recipe

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