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Engineering - A Job or a Way of Life?

Being an ex-engineer myself, hang on... perhaps I'd better elaborate on the term engineer. After all, you can be pretty much any kind of engineer you like these days. You'll know what type of engineer I mean when you read on. Now don't get me wrong, but I reckon engineers live and breathe for following few important necessities:

Food - particularly spicy and exotic food stuffs, you know, the type which you can appreciate all over again in the following day.

Farting - a direct cause of the above food intake, however the prime cause of detonation is that of a kiwi fruit eaten about 1 hour ago.

Belching - again detonated by some prior intake of a toxic substance or two, usually a can of Sprite will do the trick. Remember that the more potent the food the richer and varied the smell of the forthcoming wind.

Women - if there was a job which could deprive men of women then its has to be engineering. This leads to excessive letching over young ladies walking past windows of engineering offices, their attention being drawn by an inspector or two being put through the said window.

Wind-up Watches - you know what I mean ;)

Health and Fitness - okay, so this is a control, if you agree with this then you cannot be serious about engineering.

Beer - a good ale or two helps put the lid on a crap day. If it was a good day then several pints of ale is the only choice.

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Developer Guide

What it takes to be a real developer. With a picture and everything.


Engineering is a special kind of profession. Special in every way.

T9 Smart Arse

Phones eh? Aren't they fun.


There will be much suffering and misery. Just perfect.


A music store with a magic pull.

The Truth

It is out there. Somewhere.


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