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Goths vs Trendys

Many people who like to call themselves Goth's moan constantly and usually quite annoyingly about so called 'trendys'. Now excuse me, but let us consider the term 'trendy' and what it is supposed to mean.

A 'trendy' is a person who follows a trend or particular fashion and often looks the same as another of the same trend. Hmmm, now tell me something - if you walk down the street and spot a Goth, how do you tell that person is a Goth? It usually quite simple - the person is dressed in black with long (dyed) black hair, probably wearing a cross (upside down if very desperate to impress other Goth's). Most Goth's look the same or when totally unoriginal the person* will put on make-up mostly blokes) and attempt to look like The Crow or even Robert Smith (the older Goth in this case).

I don't dispute that The Crow is an excellent film, nor Robert Smith of The Cure can produce fluffy music, but please do try to be original. If Goth isn't Trendy then you can bend me over and spank me with a recently sharpened fish-fork - which I'm still waiting for someone to do.

* ADDENDUM - this also includes fools who think they are Marilyn Manson. At least Robert Smith was good :)

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