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The HMV Phenomenon

I'd love to know if The HMV Phenomena is evident around the world. This phenomenon occurs outside HMV stores in most shopping centres (mall's to some of you), especially those with seats outside the store entrance.

You know who you are, you spend most of you weekend (and weekday for the total wasters) outside HMV stores. The people I but HMV plays mostly chart music. If HMV played something more akin to metal then perhaps I'd understand. Go sit outside Woolworth's or C&A* - I can assure you its much more fun. However, if you really feel lucky, then how about a nice drink in the local. Now wouldn't that be exciting...

* UPDATE - Since originally writting this piece both of these stores no longer exist as High Street brands in the UK. So take this in one of two ways either never ask me to endorse your brand or perhaps there is more to the HMV phenomenon than meets the eye...maybe those goths were onto something.

Curry Recipe

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T9 Smart Arse

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The Truth

It is out there. Somewhere.


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