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Trying to find a reason to leave this website but can't be bothered to go into your favourites or address bar as it's just too much effort? Well look no further here are some off site links.

Former collegue, now an uber-troll, likes to shoot men in the face(nohomo):

Curry Recipe

Looking for something warm to go with your beer? Check this recipe out.

Pimp my PC

Old 286 letting you down? Can't run Far Cry (1/2/3/whatever)? This should do just the trick then.

Developer Guide

What it takes to be a real developer. With a picture and everything.


Engineering is a special kind of profession. Special in every way.

T9 Smart Arse

Phones eh? Aren't they fun.


There will be much suffering and misery. Just perfect.


A music store with a magic pull.

The Truth

It is out there. Somewhere.


Trying to find an easy way out of the website? Can't find your bookmarks, home or close button? Then come hither.