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The Truth

Although it may seem that I have focused on a particular segment of annoying people I don't really mean it. And if you're not sure what I'm talking about (and don't worry because I don't know what I'm on about either) then check back at the pages on Goths vs. Trendys and The HMV Phenomena.

No really, but I am sick and tired of the whole thing. I've been through it, I know what its like. The difference is, I didn't label things. People who I do like are those that enjoy what they like not what they are labelled as.

Some metal is ok, a fair bit of Goth music is great, but so are lots of other things. Just because someone doesn't label it as this or that, it shouldn't mean that you should exclude it from your likes - even when you really do enjoy it but those around you consider it to be utter crap. If you insist on labelling things, try this...

Label yourself in one of two categories:

1) nice open-minded person or

2) sad individual (perhaps individual is not the word, maybe 'samey' is better) who insists on labelling things.

Note: if you did the above then perhaps you should try again. Leave the labelling for libraries and museums.

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The Truth

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